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Hyper-personalised training plans in one click – for trainers and members. Discover EGYM Genius.

Hyper-personalised training plans in one click – for trainers and members. Discover EGYM Genius.

AI for the entire gym

EGYM Genius integrates adaptive AI into our smart solutions to create personalised training plans for every member. Genius connects everything, enabling effective workouts across the entire gym and every type of workout.

Integrating a club's entire inventory, all fitness areas, and all providers.

Enabling hyper-personalised training plans for effective workouts.

Bringing trainers' efficiency to a whole new level with AI.

AI that's powered by the highest quality, largest database in the fitness industry

A database that's constantly growing, seamlessly connecting equipment data from clubs and brands in EGYM's open platform

AI that continuously learns and adapts training plans over time

Genius for your business

EGYM Genius offers your members an unparalleled training experience that motivates them and turns fitness goals into measurable achievements. Genius eases the daily workload for trainers, allows for scalable member support, and increases efficiency in your club operations.

Genius for operators

With Genius, you benefit from increased revenue through more member signups, lower attrition and stronger member loyalty. At the same time, you optimise staff efficiency for sustainable success.

Genius for trainers

Trainers have access to to AI's ever-expanding knowledge base for more efficient and improved member support. Genius enables them to generate high-quality training plans easily in just one click.

Genius for members

Your members receive hyper-personalised training plans and benefit from expert, effective workouts for all fitness areas across the gym. Visual progress tracking keeps them motivated.

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