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Smart Flex

The EGYM Smart Flex machines deliver smart mobility and flexibility training to your members.

Mobility Training for All Target Groups

EGYM Smart Flex automatically adjusts to your members’ needs, using light and vibration signals to indicate the ideal exercise and break times and ensure correct and purposeful training for all target groups. All Smart Flex training sessions are documented automatically in the EGYM apps and can be accessed by members and trainers at any time.

Smart Flex Product World

EGYM Smart Flex machines were designed specifically for the professional requirements of fitness and health facilities. They are inspired by our extensive experience working with over 12.000 fitness and health centers worldwide that are already benefiting from EGYM solutions.

Smart Guidance

EGYM Smart Flex provides precise configuration options and uses light and vibration signals to indicate the ideal exercise and break times to your members. For correct and safe workout routines, right from the start.

Orange: Training

Yellow: Change over

Blue: Pause / Change of machine

Full Device Connectivity

EGYM apps document training success and can be accessed by members and trainers at any time, ensuring high-impact and varied workouts for every target group.

Smart Flex Features

EGYM Smart Flex series catches the eye with its smart and sophisticated features and transforms mobility training in your facilities into a safe and guided experience.

Light and Vibration Signals

indicate the ideal exercise and break times during workouts.

Automatic Configuration

for user-friendly and safe training that works well for all target groups.

Complete Device Connectivity

for efficient data processing and the creation of training schedules.

Ergonomic Design

for optimised exercise routines and healthy, physiologically correct training.

Pioneering Software

to log and control all training parameters.

RFID Technology

for contact-free login to all EGYM Smart Strength, Smart Flex and Smart Cardio devices.

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