Smart Flex

The EGYM Smart Flex machines deliver smart mobility and flexibility training to your members.

Efficient Muscle Length Training for Improved Mobility.

EGYM Smart Flex adjusts itself automatically to your members’ needs, using light and vibration signals to indicate the ideal exercise and break times and to ensure correct and purposeful workouts for all target groups.

Personalised mobility training - according to the latest sports science and therapy findings.

Expand your range of services - Smart Flex as a further component for holistic fitness training alongside the strength and cardio pillars.

Lower dropout rates in the critical entry phase - thanks to quickly visible successes with the EGYM BioAge and flexibility measurements on the Fitness Hub.

Compensation of muscular imbalances for long-term and pain-free training success of your gym members.

Suitable for all target groups (athletes as well as patients).

Fully automated, equipment-supported and holistic muscle length training with Smart Flex.

Smart Flex Product World

EGYM Smart Flex machines were designed specifically for the professional requirements of fitness and health facilities. They are inspired by our extensive experience working with over 13.000 fitness and health centers worldwide that are already benefiting from EGYM solutions.

Smart Guidance

EGYM Smart Flex provides precise configuration options and uses light and vibration signals to indicate the ideal exercise and break times to your members. For correct and safe workout routines, right from the start.

Orange: Training

Yellow: Change over

Blue: Pause / Change of machine

Advantages for Operators, Trainers & Members

As a stand-alone concept or as a complement to Fitness Hub and Smart Strength, Smart Flex is the perfect product to offer newcomers and experts alike a truly balanced and holistic workout that ensures sustainable training success.

For Operators


  • Efficient onboarding to EGYM Smart Flex via Fitness Hub drastically reduces your members' onboarding time.
  • Through efficient use of space, in combination with higher equipment utilisation, you reduce the costs per supervised member in Circuit Mode.
  • Thanks to Open Mode, the Smart Flex machines can be flexibly positioned and used in your club, according to your specific concept. 
  • Add the third pillar of flexibility to your strength and cardio offering for holistic fitness training."

For Trainers


  • Focus on personal support instead of routine tasks, such as setting up individual machines.
  • Visualises and interprets progress in muscle length workouts to help trainers communicate performance with a metric that is easy for the member to understand: BioAge Flexibility.
  • The intuitive flexibility measurements on the EGYM Fitness Hub show progress in muscle length workouts and recommend suitable exercises on Smart Flex."

For Members


  • Provides ideal load and rest times with light and vibration signals, making muscle length training intuitive for the first time.
  • All workout sessions are automatically documented in the Branded Member App and can be viewed by members at any time.
  • Contactless registration and automatic adjustment of all EGYM Smart Flex machines.
  • Optimal interaction of flexibility and strength - muscle length training as perfect preparation and addition to strength training."

Choose the Right Solution for Your Club.

EGYM Smart Flex not only improves the mobility of your members, but also gives you flexible application options to suit your business model. Whether stand-alone for the free fitness floor or perfectly synchronised in a separate exclusive area within your club. EGYM Smart Flex offers the right solution for you.

Circle Mode

Like Smart Strength, Smart Flex can be synchronised in Circuit Mode for guided and time-efficient workouts. This means all Smart Flex machines in your club run simulta- neously through workout and break phases and equipment changes. This optimises output and maximises your club‘s capacity at peak times.

Open Mode

Smart Flex can now also be used in Open Mode. This allows the machines to be used more flexibly by members and to also be placed completely independently in the club.

Smart Flex in the EGYM Ecosystem.

EGYM Smart Flex series catches the eye with its smart and sophisticated features and transforms mobility training in your facilities into a safe and guided experience.

Correct and Safe Workouts

Smart Flex gives your members ideal exercise and rest times with light and vibration signals.

Smart Connected

Through the interaction between Fitness Hub and Smart Flex, all Smart Flex machines are automatically preset for your member after a one-time scan on Fitness Hub, for correct movement execution right from the start.

Automatic Tracking

All workout successes achieved by members on Smart Flex are documented in the EGYM apps and can be viewed by members and trainers at any time.

Smart Workout Recommandations

Fitness Hub recommends exercises with appropriate Smart Flex machines to experience a seamless work- out based on the results of the flexibility test.

Measurable Flexibility

With regular flexibility tests on Fitness Hub, members can, for the first time, measure and actually understand their success thanks to a simple interpretation in the context of the EGYM BioAge Flexibility value.

Flexible Use Cases

As a stand-alone concept and as a complement to Fitness Hub and Smart Strength, Smart Flex is the perfect product to offer a truly balanced and holistic workout that ensures sustainable workout success for newcomers and experts alike.

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