EGYM Credited With Impressive Bounceback at Blackpool Sports Centre

EGYM Credited With Impressive Bounceback at Blackpool Sports Centre

Despite the challenges of managing a sports center gym during the pandemic, the membership club live at Blackpool Sports Centre is currently only 5% lower than pre lockdown levels and is continuing to grow steadily. With 66% of members engaged with the product, the 8-station EGYM Smart Strength circuit is being credited as a major contributor to the post lockdown bounce back.

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On 23 March 2020, Leisure facilities were forced to close with an uncertain future.  During lockdown, the Covid-19 Impact Report commissioned by ukactive estimated that, with restrictions in place for 6 months, Covid-19 could result in national gym visits falling short of pre pandemic projections by as many as 707,266,931.

In Blackpool, during lockdown, the Council team worked incredibly hard to create a Covid safe environment so the community would feel confident to resume their in-gym training once facilities were able to reopen, including in their EGYM circuit.

In September 2019, Martin Cardwell, General Manager at Blackpool Sports Centre, oversaw the installation of an 8 piece EGYM Smart Strength circuit, situated in its own dedicated area on the main gym floor. The area was branded “Express Fitness” due to the circuit requiring only 30 minutes per session to complete.

Commenting on the install, Cardwell says: 

“The aim was to engage a broader demographic in the benefits of strength training. These benefits are well documented, yet strength training with traditional equipment appeals to a smaller population percentage than we would like”

“We wanted to break down barriers, creating an environment where everyone would feel comfortable regardless of experience or ability.  However, we did not want an “easy” exercise solution. We wanted a solution that enabled non experienced users to train safely and effectively, utilising the latest sports science.  EGYM provides that solution”.

Everybody who joins the gym is inducted on the EGYM equipment. The automated set up and pre-installed programs apply the optimal mix of intensity and repetition to meet specified goals. This ensures that anybody, even with no previous gym experience, is able to self-manage their sessions safely and effectively on every visit.

EGYM’s intelligent solution also provides regular performance feedback.  Features such as BioAge, which calculates an individual’s biological age based on their achievement on a single repetition strength test, benchmarks performance, providing ongoing motivation to train.

Blackpool Council also employs the use of EGYM Digital, a Branded Member Training App, which all members are encouraged to download.  This assisted engagement with members during lockdown, ensuring that even though members were unable to use the EGYM equipment, they were able to access EGYM’s extensive ‘at home’ workout library to continue to train outside the gym.  Blackpool Council were also able to set workout challenges and link to exercise classes on the Council’s Youtube channel via the app. 


Cllr Maria Kirkland, Cabinet Member for Community Cohesion and Leisure at Blackpool Council says:

“EGYM has extended our appeal within the community, assisting in the commercial resilience of the Leisure offering during the pandemic.  Following the successful introduction of the strength circuit, the Council have expanded the EGYM offering by recently installing and EGYM's Smart Flex and Smart Cardio equipment.  The Council also plans to introduce health referrals onto EGYM’s connected solutions in the New Year.  Leisure Services are finding that our community are increasingly motivated to train for their sustained current and future health rather than for aesthetics, and EGYM’s range of Smart training programs make the brand a perfect partner in assisting us engage our community in healthier lifestyles”. 

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