EGYM Genius: The important questions answered

From guidance on buying, implementing and using the latest innovation from EGYM, to its benefits for operators, trainers and members alike. Find the answers to the most important questions about EGYM Genius below in our FAQ.

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General questions

    EGYM Genius uses cutting-edge AI to make the entire gym floor even smarter. Genius integrates leading fitness brands into a single training experience and creates hyper-personalised training plans for members that adapt to their goals, fitness levels (BioAge) and to all the equipment available in your gym.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) aggregates, connects the dots and analyses all the data generated by EGYM in thousands of gyms worldwide. No one has more data to train its own AI than EGYM, because with its open ecosystem, EGYM connects the most brands available in the gymtech market. EGYM Genius AI uses over 7 billion workout data points, 340 million assessment data points and over a decade of sports science expertise to create up-to-the-minute, personalised training programs for every member in your gym. 

    Read more how AI can benefit your gym here

    Yes, it does. Genius is constantly learning and adapting as it collects more data from workouts, assessments, equipment and user behavior.

    Genius for Trainers means that each member's training plan is created in the Trainer App. It shows all available equipment in the gym and the AI suggests an individualised training plan for the selected member. Trainers can easily create customized workouts for members, including the ability to exclude certain machines and customise exercises. Members receive the training plan in the name of their trainer - the AI is not recognisable to them. 

    Genius for Members allows members to create AI-powered workouts in the Branded Member App that are customized for their gym without the need for a trainer. Members can customise their own workouts within the Genius widget in their member app.

    You can also implement both Genius for Trainers and Genius for Members so that trainers and members can create their own training plans.

    Genius can be purchased now and will be available in October 2024.

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    Benefits of Genius

      Genius accelerates your business to new heights. 

      1. Faster ROI / revenue growth thanks to: 

               a. Efficient processes: By streamlining operations and automating repetitive tasks, for example, by leveraging data analytics and providing operators and trainers with smart tools (e.g. Trainer App), EGYM helps fitness facilities to operate more efficiently, reducing overhead costs and maximising profits. 

               b. Smart upselling opportunities: EGYM's data-driven insights and personalised training programs (EGYM+) create opportunities to upsell premium services 

               c. Increased member retention: EGYM's innovative solutions enhance member engagement and satisfaction, leading to higher retention rates and reduced churn. 

      2. Enhanced member experience: With highly-personalised training plans and advanced workout tracking, EGYM improves the overall member experience, fostering long-term loyalty and referrals. 

      3. Stay ahead of the competition: In an increasingly competitive digital fitness landscape, EGYM equips fitness facilities with the tools they need to stay ahead of the competition and succeed.

      • Trainers are supported in training plan creation through high-quality recommendations and access to extensive knowledge & experience. 
      • Coaching becomes scalable. AI training plan recommendation saves your trainers valuable time while allowing for individual adjustments. 
      • Trainers have more time for personal customer relations and high-quality member support.
      • Members receive hyper-personalised training plans and effective, goal-driven workouts across the entire gym with visual progress tracking and adaptability features to keep progress and motivation high. 
      • For beginners, the personalised training plans provide a guided workout for the entire gym floor. 
      • For intermediates and expert members, the professional training plans based on AI elevate their experience and their workout to a higher level.

      When you implement Genius, it's available to everyone in your gym or health club. You can choose Genius for Trainers, which requires members to schedule an appointment with a trainer to receive their training plan, or Genius for Members, which allows each member to create their own training plan.

      Genius cannot be used as a standalone upsell, only as a bundle with general EGYM access if the MMS (management software) has the "Machine Admission" feature built in.

      Talk to your EGYM representative to find the best solution for your business.

      Getting started with Genius in your gym

        EGYM Genius needs the following: 

        • Fitness Hub and a connected scale 
        • Smart Strength machines (should be at least 3 machines) 
        • Branded Member App including the Genius widget (Genius is not compatible with the free version of the BMA)
        • Trainer App including the Genius widget if you like to use “Genius for trainers” 
        • Input of your gym equipment inventory in the EGYM “Business Suite”

        A basic scale will function, but we highly recommend a BIA.

        This is because a body composition scale provides much more information and therefore a better basis for training recommendations and training programs from the AI, so the training plan can become even more accurate. The member also has a much better view of their own status and, above all, their progress during training. The motivation of every member is much higher when results are seen directly (e.g. in an increase in muscle mass in a certain body region rather than just a change in overall body weight).

        Yes, EGYM Smart Strength machines are required to use EGYM Genius. Members have to do strength tests so that the training plan can be created according to their fitness level.

        We highly recommend it but you can also use your existing Smart Strength machines. Please talk to our sales representative to find out the perfect solution for your gym / health club. Contact them here. Please also see our recommendations on which strength machines are the best for the assessment.

        For an assessment area, we recommend the following 4 machines (as all these machines have a high accuracy for weight predictions):

        •  Lat Pulldown  
        • Chest Press
        • Rotary Torso 
        • Hip Thrust 

        2) For gyms that already use Smart Strength in a circuit mode and want to expand the strength machines for intermediate members, we recommend the following machines: 

        • Row Pulldown or Lat Pulldown
        • Chest Press or Butterfly 
        • Abdominal Crunch 
        • Leg extension
        • Leg Press


        • Strength machines in Circuit Mode also send data from strength tests and workouts to the Genius AI. 
        • Genius training plans include workouts for the circuit for beginners and beginner-intermediates, but not for more experienced members. 
        • As Genius is supposed to work for everyone in the gym, our recommendation is to implement Smart Strength in the Open Mode. Let all members experience the value props of Open Mode machines (methods, workout flexibility, auto-tracking, personalized weight recommendation, progressive overload) and integrate EGYM in their weekly training routine, with the expected benefit that this will bring them joy, variety, and motivation! 
        • Benefit from the personalized integration of EGYM machines and value props workouts in a more complex training plan (not just circuit) especially for advanced members. 
        • Having a successful Open Mode fleet is more advantageous and beneficial for members, because 90% of the gym could use the machines, unlike the circuit, which can be niche.

        As part of the Genius implementation process, simply input your gym inventory into the Business Suite (EGYM’s online operator portal) – including both smart and analogue machines as well as other equipment. The training plans created by Genius will then be specifically adapted to your gym.

        A large number of machines from various brands can be connected with Genius. Vendor-specific equipment includes selectorized, plate-loaded and cable machines. Generic equipment such as dumbbells, barbells and functional equipment can also be connected with Genius.

        You can see which brands and lines are already associated with Genius in our Business Suite. We are constantly expanding the scope with additional brands and lines (see here).

        Using Genius

          Members can easily create their own training plan with Genius for Members in the Branded Member App. The journey begins at the Fitness Hub and the member is guided every step of the way, from the assessment and strength measurement to the creation of the training plan. This only takes a few minutes - and the training plan can then be created in the app with just one click.

          Genius for Trainers: Trainers can customize the plan (based on equipment, training preferences, or medical conditions) before sending it to members. They can update existing plans at any time. 

          Genius for Members: Members can customize the day's workout by changing the order, increasing the weight, reps or sets, or removing and replacing exercises.

          Genius does not recommend courses. Instead, it recommends workouts and training plans that can be completed on the training floor with the equipment in your gym. This includes strength, cardio and flexibility exercises.

          Smart and connected equipment is tracked automatically. Exercises on analogue equipment can easily be tracked manually in the Member App.

          The AI automatically recognises whether your Smart Strength machines are in Circuit or Open Mode and integrates them into the training plan. 

          The Circuit is always recommended as an "EGYM Circuit" exercise. If the machines are in Open Mode, individual machines are integrated into the training plan. The number of repetitions, visualization (curve or bar) and the training method are recommended and automatically preset depending on the goal.

          Yes, Genius creates training plans that logically build on the previous plan from a training science perspective. Each time the training plan is updated, the AI accesses the latest strength measurements and general weight prediction models. The AI therefore behaves like a real trainer.


            Personal data is stored in the EGYM cloud and used to personalize the training plan for the specific member.

            Yes. Please see more details here.

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