EGYM: Success Factors in the Use of EGYM+

How EGYM+ Makes Your Facility Successful

EGYM+ is the added-value for your members that will boost your facility's success!

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All Advantages at a Glance

  • Increased member loyalty: More satisfied customers that achieve their goals.

  • Upsell opportunities: Additional demand from existing members.

  • New members: Additional demand from new prospects.

  • Monetisation opportunity: Higher-value memberships.

Why Is EGYM+ Such a Good Monetisation Opportunity?

Targeted training is crucial for long-term training success and thus for your members’ loyalty as well. Only those who see progress will keep exercising on a regular basis. However, most members lack the expertise to achieve this on their own, and only very few are willing to invest hundreds of dollars for personalised support through regular personal training.

With its personalised training programs, EGYM+ offers real added value for your members, providing a broad base for your facility's success.

    What Are the Benefits for Your Members and Your Facility?

    With EGYM+, you'll offer your members optimal training that is intuitive and straight-forward. They simply select their personal training goal and receive guidance in order to achieve it. Training parameters such as training method, periodisation, reps, and weight are automatically tailored to their goal and their current training level.

    The EGYM+ training programs can be switched on and off individually for each member, giving you the freedom to decide how to integrate EGYM+ into your membership types: for all members, along with the use of EGYM Smart Strength machines, or in an entirely separate membership type.

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    Success Factors for Using EGYM+ in Your Facility

      You can do this by giving a member presentation or addressing your customers personally in the facility. Alternatively you could send newsletters and emails. Long-term results are achieved with marketing materials in the faility as they constantly trigger customer inquiries that can be used to explain the benefits of EGYM+ (you can find the right materials on EGYM+ for your facility on the EGYM marketing portal).

      This way, you can ensure that all members know about your new offer and as many members as possible opt for a higher-value membership type.

      Doing so allows you to regularly address individual target achievement and check that your members’ training goals are up to date - and adjust if necessary.

      The personalised training programs and targeted training methods that will allow you to win over prospective member, increase conversion rate, and sign up higher-value memberships.

      This allows to easily show EGYM+ to prospective and existing members: simply adjust the height in the Trainer app and have them try it out!
      Tip: use a color mark to make it easy to distinguish between the two bands.

      Using EGYM+ in Your Facility

      Essentially, there are two options for activating EGYM+ for your members.

        This variant requires the use of the new version of the new EGYM Trainer app (earlier versions are not supported).

        Member activation
        Trainers can immediately activate/deactivate EGYM+ at the press of a button in the member’s profile, as well as enter an end date or unlock unlimited use of EGYM+. The EGYM+ start date can only be immediate; a future date is not possible.

        Note: EGYM+ is only visible in the profile if the facility has decided to manage it via the EGYM Trainer app. Learn how to proceed to make that decision.

        Monetisation of EGYM+
        The toggle button in the new EGYM Trainer app does not automatically update the contract type in the member management software. This means for monetisation of EGYM+ that the contract must be changed manually for each member in the member management software.

        This feature requires that you set up an interface to the member management software. Find out which providers are compatible ("Booking of EGYM+"): Management Software

        Member activation
        Members associated with a membership type that includes EGYM+ will automatically receive EGYM+ when the contract is created/assigned in the studio’s management software.

        Monetization of EGYM+
        EGYM+ access can be linked directly to a higher-value membership type in the studio’s management software. In this case, the payment method stored there is used for billing purposes.

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