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EGYM Fitness Hub: Product Updates

Fitness Hub Updates

This is an overview of all product updates of the EGYM Fitness Hub.

2024 - Q1

    Benefit: Members often don't know how to log in to the Fitness Hub. With the new visual guidance and the additional call-to-action element on the home screen, members understand better how to log in with their RFID medium.

    Added value: The additional guidance improves your gym members experience and takes the burden off your trainers in their day-to-day support. 

    Benefit: EGYM users who have not yet carried out Smart Onboarding on the Fitness Hub (body analysis, Smart Strength machine settings) will receive additional instructions on how to do this after logging in. The instructions will now appear to every user after logging in, provided they:

    • have never carried out Smart Onboarding or 
    • have never carried out a strength test (or Gameday).

    Added value: The additional guidance improves your gym members experience and takes the burden off your trainers in their day-to-day support. 

    2023 - Q4

      Benefit: Members can choose between two different onboarding modes on the Fitness Hub - Trainer Mode and EGYM Mode. We have extended the height range in EGYM Mode so that members with a body height between 150cm and 200cm can now also use EGYM Mode (previously: 160cm to 195cm).



      Added value: With this update, we offer more members the opportunity to carry out onboarding on the Fitness Hub independently and also relieve your team of trainers.

      Benefit: New gym and EGYM members in particular often do not know how to log in to the Fitness Hub at the beginning. The additional message appears as soon as members click on the "Login" area and are prompted to use their RFID medium (wristband, card) to log in.


      Added value: With the additional information screen, we relieve your staff and help your members to find their way around your studio even faster without further help.

      Added value: Gyms that own a Tanita measuring scale can now also benefit from the new function on the Fitness Hub, which we first introduced in Q1-2023. This provides members with additional information and a better understanding of the measured body values.

      Note: The labels are only displayed for new measurements with the Tanita body measurement scale. 

      2023 - Q2

        Benefit: Following the introduction of the interpretation labels in the last quarter, this function has been expanded: From now on, members will also be able to see the norm range color-coded in the historical progress graph. This function is currently available for the following measurement categories

        • Metabolism
        • Flexibility


        • If the measured value is above or below the normal range, the trend line is displayed in red.
        • Also available in combination with a Tanita body scales (since November).

        Added Value:
        With the updated function, members receive even more support in interpreting their measured values and can see at a glance the positive effects of training on their physical health over the past period.
        Note: If the measured value is above or below the normal range, the trend line is displayed in red.


        Benefit: Effective immediately, Fitness Hub is available to your members in two additional system languages:

        • Danish
        • Swedish

        2023 - Q1

          Benefit: Members can discover the added value of Fitness Hub for themselves by watching the demo video on Fitness Hub, which plays continuously when idle. 


          • For Trainers: relieving trainers of repetitive product demonstration tasks, saving time in member support. 
          • For your Club: the more members know about Fitness Hub's capabilities, the more likely they are to use more features and retain members.



          Benefit: The additional hints provide your members with a better understanding of the measured body values. The range of values has been divided into the levels Low → Normal → Excellent → Elevated. 

          Value: Individual body measurement values can be very complex and difficult for the member to understand. The additional information provides your members with an instantly understandable presentation of the measurement results and progress. This not only provides additional motivation, but can also be used by your trainers in a supportive manner during counselling sessions.


          • Depending on the body scale used in your gym, a body measurement may need to be taken again in order for Fitness Hub to display the new information. 
          • Current limitations:
            • Currently not yet available in combination with a Tanita body scale (in progress).
            • Currently only possible with body composition monitors connected via the EGYM Cloud (body composition monitors connected locally via USB will follow in the course of May).
          • Update May: From now on, the interpretation notes can also be displayed on the Fitness Hub via locally (USB) connected InBody body composition scales.


          2022 - Q4

            Benefit: Members and trainers will now see detailed body water percentage information displayed on the Fitness Hub. 

            Value: Due to the extension of the InBody integration, additional measured values regarding the body water composition can be sent to the EGYM products (Fitness Hub, Branded Member App, Trainer App). The following measured values will additionally be transmitted:

            • Total body water percentage
            • Proportion of extracellular water (EZW)
            • Proportion of intracellular water (IZW)

            The body water percentage corresponds to the amount of fluid in the body, expressed as a percentage of total body weight. Please note that only selected InBody body analyzer models can provide information about the body water composition. 

            Benefit: Fitness Hub now displays you a detailed description of how to solve error messages on the user interface. With the help of the additional guide, simple support cases can be solved directly  in order to prevent possible downtime of the device. 

            Example: If the body scale is not connected correctly, it will be displayed to the user including instructions for troubleshooting.


            Value: With the detailed error description, we relieve your staff and reduce the risk of possible machine downtime. 

            2022 - Q3

              Benefit: No more body height or weight limitations during the onboarding process.

              Value: This new functionality will guarantee a safe workout experience for all of your members. It will deactivate the ‘Autostart’ function in order to prevent your members from wrong machine settings if the measured height or body weight is outside the defined norm. Instead, members  receive a notification to contact a trainer for further onboarding steps (e.g. machine setup on Smart Strength). 

              2022 - Q2


                The muscles of the back of the thigh, also called ischiocrural muscles (or "hamstrings"), are responsible for flexion in the knee joint and extension in the hip joint. Unfortunately, this muscle group tends to shorten due to incorrect postural patterns that occur in everyday life, such as prolonged sitting or lack of exercise. This shortening can affect the entire fascial chain of the back of the body and promote back pain. In extreme cases, it can even cause herniated discs. As a result, we have developed another flexibility test to measure the mobility of the ischiocrural muscles. 


                With the latest software update, the Fitness Hub can now conduct the flexibility test of the back of the thigh. Similar to the new hip flexibility test, this test is also performed rotated 90 degrees to the Fitness Hub camera. Before the test is performed, the member has the opportunity to watch a demo video that showcases the test procedure, just as they can for the other flexibility tests. 

                How does this new flexibility test for the back of the thigh work?

                1. Stand directly in front of Fitness Hub so that your feet line up with the green markings and Fitness Hub recognizes you. 
                2. Turn 90 degrees to one side, as indicated by Fitness Hub.
                3. Now follow the instructions on the Fitness Hub for correct foot positioning. 
                4. Bend forward as far as you can with your upper body, making sure your back is straight and your knees are straight, not bent.
                5. Hold this position until Fitness Hub has completed the measurement. 
                6. Then turn to the other side and perform steps 3-5 again. 


                As with all the other flexibility tests, the measurement results are then recorded into the member's BioAge "Flexibility". 


                Due to the increasing number of sedentary activities within our society, the muscles in the hip area (including hip flexors, extensors) are among the most frequently shortened muscles of the human body. Therefore, it was especially important for us to develop and implement the hip flexibility test as one of the first functions when launching Fitness Hub. By now, hundreds of customers are successfully using our Fitness Hub in their gyms, which has allowed us to receive valuable feedback from trainers, members and operators and take that feedback into account for the further development of our flexibility tests. 


                We've improved the hip flexibility test process on Fitness Hub to make it more accurate and easier for your members to follow the steps during the test. Up to this point, your members had to stand directly in front of the Fitness Hub and perform the hip flexibility test. 

                Moving forward, the hip flexibility test will no longer be performed directly in front, but rather turned sideways by 90°. This is advantageous because our camera sensors can measure hip flexibility with more precision. Additionally, it makes it easier for your members to follow the instructions on the Fitness Hub to perform the flexibility tests correctly. By changing the positioning of the member, the test can be performed more fluidly while still providing valid measurement results even for very flexible members. 

                The new procedure for the improved hip flexibility test is as follows:

                1. Stand directly in front of the Fitness Hub so that your feet line up with the green markers and Fitness Hub recognizes you. 
                2. Turn 90 degrees to one side as indicated by the Fitness Hub.
                3. Follow Fitness Hub's instructions for correct positioning of your feet. 
                4. Bend your upper body backwards as far as possible. Be sure to keep your hips straight and not turned in. 
                5. Hold this position until Fitness Hub has completed the measurement. 
                6. Then turn to the other side and follow steps 3-5 again. 


                As with all the other flexibility tests, the measurement results are then included in the member's BioAge Flexibility


                Tanita is one of the best-known manufacturers of body composition analyzers and offers product solutions for the fitness and health sector. Using the existing product interface, the measured values from the body analysis measurement of the Tanita body composition scale are transferred smoothly to Fitness Hub and stored in the EGYM Cloud. This not only improves the user experience of your fellow members, but it also simplifies the work of your trainers at the same time, as manual documentation of body data is no longer required. 


                The upcoming product update delivers two major enhancements to our interface with Tanita:

                1. Enhancement of measurements transferred to the EGYM Cloud:
                We are expanding the functionality of the Tanita integration, which enables the following new measurement values to be transferred from the Tanita body composition analysis to the Fitness Hub:

                • Visceral fat level 
                • Phase angle 
                • Basal metabolic rate
                • Total body water (%)
                • Intracellular and extracellular water

                2. New Information Screens:
                Additionally, your members will now be shown two new hints at the beginning of these measurements. These include 1) a description about the exact measurement procedure and 2) general information about contraindications to be considered before using the body scale. 

                You can find more information about the exact functionality of the Tanita interface on our Cloud page. 


                Typically, your members use several different workout areas within your gym. Perhaps they start with a warm-up in the cardio area, then they proceed to their main workout on your weight machines, and finish with a cool-down in the stretching or cardio area. In order to provide your members with a consistent training experience in each of these training areas, we always strive to keep the user interface consistent across all of our EGYM Hardware machines. 


                We have darkened the background of the user interface so that the contrast is stronger and individual control surfaces have better visibility. 

                Furthermore, we have decided to remove all non-clickable elements that were previously marked with a "Coming Soon" notice. We are still working on the development of these features, but we want to avoid customer queries during the onboarding process that cannot be answered by your trainers. 


                Fitness Hub makes onboarding your members much easier and faster. One of the reasons for this is the numerous product interfaces that Fitness Hub offers to other industry partners. These help to automate time-consuming manual activities of your trainers and to make the user experience of your members as smooth as possible. At EGYM, we are always looking to continuously expand our open ecosystem with new industry partners, so we are adding two new partners to the list of compatible measurement carts. 


                Our EGYM ecosystem was already expanded a few weeks ago with the addition of Accuniq. With the new software update, the Fitness Hub now also integrates with Accuniq, which means that the weight measurements of the body scale are also integrated into the Smart Onboarding process of the Fitness Hub. 

                More information about the compatible body analysis providers and the functionality of the respective partner interface can be found in our EGYM Cloud section. 

                2022 - Febuary


                  With the launch of Fitness Hub a few months ago, we made a promise to simplify the onboarding and body analysis of your members, as well as make flexibility measurable for the first time. To provide even more accurate information about member flexibility in the future, we've added another flexibility test to the Fitness Hub: The Chest Flexibility Test. 


                  The chest muscles are responsible for movement  in the upper body and also to stabilize the shoulder joint. A curved posture, e.g. due to sedentary office work, leads to a shortening of these muscles in the long term, which can lead to pain in the cervical spine and shoulder problems. The chest flexibility test makes it possible to precisely measure the mobility in the chest or upper body area. As with all other flexibility tests, the exact movement sequence is first explained to your member in an explanatory video. 

                  How does the chest flexibility test work?

                  1. Hold the flexibility stick horizontally in front of you in both hands.
                  2. Stand upright and shoulder-width apart and bring the stick above your head with your arms outstretched.
                  3. Now stretch your arms as far back as possible. 
                  4. Stay in this position until the Fitness Hub has completed the measurement. 

                  After successfully completing the test, the new results can be viewed in the BioAge "Flexibility" component. 


                  Smart onboarding is one of the core features of the Fitness Hub. It not only improves the member experience at the beginning of the customer journey in your gym, but also saves your trainers a lot of time during the onboarding process of new members. This time savings can be used to provide additional individualized support to your members, leading to higher member satisfaction. We have therefore collected additional feedback from trainers and members to make the Smart Onboarding process even better and more intuitive. 


                  We have made the following changes to the Smart Onboarding process on Fitness Hub:

                  • If the Fitness Hub is connected to a compatible cloud body analyser, the body weight measured on it is retrieved directly after the start of onboarding on the Fitness Hub. If the weight measurement is missing, you will get the feedback directly and not after onboarding steps have already been taken.
                  • Members will receive an easy-to-understand notice in case of missing body data (e.g. body weight) and will be advised to complete the missing measurement on the body analysis scale available in the studio.
                  • When using the Fitness Hub in combination with the Seca TRU, in the future not only the body weight but also the body height will be transferred from Seca to the member profile to avoid measurement discrepancies between the two hardware machines and to keep the measurement data consistent in the profile of your members. The height measurement on the Fitness Hub is nevertheless performed so that measurement values (e.g. segment lengths) that are needed for future applications are already stored in the member profile.
                  • The time window for measuring body weight via connected cloud body composition analysers has been increased from one day to 10 days. This gives you more time between the first body analysis via body scale and the onboarding at the Fitness Hub.


                  Previously, all measurable parameters were listed under the "Body Analysis" section, even if they were not previously recorded and therefore did not contain a value. For clubs that cannot capture these parameters (e.g. due to lack of equipment), this creates the risk of a negative member experience. 


                  From now on, only parameters that contain a measured value will be displayed in the body analysis section. 


                  The "Cardio" value of the BioAge is composed of different measured values such as blood pressure, your VO2-Max based on the Smart Cardio test, or your heart rate. The more parameters that can be recorded, the more precise and meaningful this value is. 


                  Until now, it was not possible to view the exact composition of the CardioAge value in the BioAge section. With the new software update, your trainers and members can now also see the exact composition of the cardio value directly on the Fitness Hub by clicking on  the cardio value. A new window will then open with a detailed overview. 


                  To help your members understand how their exercise are positively impacting their fitness and health, it's important to be able to visualize progress at every step. The EGYM BioAge is a comprehensive fitness and health indicator that combines a variety of the member's measurements into an easy-to-understand BioAge that can be compared to the member's physical age. The "strength" component is composed of the user's body weight in relation to their strength. As of now, a detailed composition of the BioAge component strength can also be viewed on the Fitness Hub. 


                  Members can now view even more details about the composition of their Strength BioAge on the Fitness Hub. To do this, after logging in to the Fitness Hub, the member can navigate to the BioAge Analysis section and select the BioAge value Strength. A new window then opens with detailed information and the individual measured values of the respective body areas. In addition, from now on, the progression of the BioAge strength value over time can also be viewed and provides your members with a visual overview of their progress. 

                  You can find more information about BioAge in our blog post.

                  • We enhanced the partner integration to the Seca TRU body analysis on the Fitness Hub. From now on, the value of the body fat measurement via Seca TRU can be viewed in BioAge under Metabolism both on the Fitness Hub and in the Branded Member App. 
                  • We improved the recognition of a body scale connected to the Fitness Hub via USB - e.g. for cases where a scale was only switched on after the start of Fitness Hub.

                  2021 - December


                    Onboarding for new members is now even more efficient with the new EGYM mode accessible through Fitness Hub Smart Onboarding, onboarding is now even more efficient.


                    With the new update, once the main steps of the Smart Onboarding process have been completed, another prompt with two options appear:

                    1. Trainer Mode - As before, all EGYM Smart Strength equipment is locked and must be unlocked by staff

                    • The machines behave as previously - unlock by a trainer is required
                    • All machine settings are generated by the EGYM Fitness Hub
                    • Unlock is required individually per machine

                    2. EGYM Mode - After using the Smart Onboarding Feature on Fitness Hub, the EGYM Smart Strength equipment is unlocked and displays new onboarding screens for guidance

                    • All machines are unlocked right after Smart Onboarding on Fitness Hub, i.e. a member can use any machine right away
                    • New introductory screens are displayed to a user when using a machine for the first time, providing guidance on how to get started
                    • If the member indicates having issues with using the machines after this initial test training, the machine is locked until a staff member unlocks it
                    • When selecting this mode on Fitness Hub, the first strength test on Smart Strength repeats 3x automatically to ensure an optimal measurement

                    Learn more about how Fitness Hub transforms the member experience


                    Since June 2021, the EGYM Fitness Hub has measured the "Flexibility" value of BioAge. 


                    We use the collected data to continuously improve the calculations so that our customers and their members benefit even more from the insights generated!

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