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Abdominal crunch machine

  • Fully electronic abdominal trainer
  • Effective abdominal training
  • Ideal for training the abdominal muscles
  • Important for a stable core
  • Maximum training weight: 100 kg

    Specifications EU

    • Depth

      1329 mm

    • Weight

      205 kg

    • Width

      1148 mm

    • Max. power consumption

      8 A

    • Height

      1276 mm

    • Power supply

      230V / 50Hz

    Specifications US

    • Depth

      4’ 3”

    • Weight

      452 lbs

    • Width

      3’ 10”

    • Max. power consumption

      15 A

    • Height

      4’ 3”

    • Power supply

      115 V / 60 Hz

    The high-performance abdominal crunch machine for effective ab training

    Training your abs is an absolute must. Real bodybuilders always have an impressive six-pack. If you have a few extra pounds to lose, targeted fitness training and abdominal exercises are also a great way to shift stubborn abdominal fat. People with back pain need both powerful back and abdominal muscles to stabilize the lower back. And people who do fitness training simply to stay healthy and maintain energy levels also benefit from well-trained abdominal muscles in everyday life.

    The eGym abdominal trainer allows you to specifically and effectively train your abdominal muscles, whatever your goal. A washboard stomach, tight abs, weight loss, or good posture – it’s all possible with proper ab training. This professional abdominal trainer is suitable for beginners and advanced strength-trainers and bodybuilders alike, because it adapts your ab exercises perfectly to your performance via dynamic adjustment of the training resistance level.

    Anterior abdominal muscles
    Primary muscles
    Lateral abdominal muscles, anterior hip muscles
    Secondary muscles

    Abdominal trainer: Important muscles in your body’s core

    You use the ab trainer to primarily train your front abdominal muscles, focusing on the rectus abdominis muscle. The front abdominal muscles are responsible for bending the trunk and are part of the muscular core of your body. These muscles stabilize your body in various positions and movements. Strong abdominal muscles take pressure off your spine and, combined with back muscles, are important for healthy posture.

    Healthy muscle balance

    Abdominal crunch machine



    Back extension machine




    The ratio muscle balance shown – also sometimes referred to as the agonist/antagonist ratio of muscular strength – shows the average maximum strength of agonist and antagonist muscles in a healthy 25-year-old eGym user.

    Digital fitness technology for stronger abs

    There are many ways to train your abdominal muscles. Aside from bodyweight exercises such as sit-ups or crunches, there is an overwhelming variety of different ab training equipment, ranging from ab roller scooters and wheels to crunch aids and sit-up benches, all of which only offer limited functionality or effectiveness.

    If you want to strengthen your abdominal muscles in the best way possible, you have to apply training principles that are difficult to implement if you’re using conventional equipment. That’s why eGym has developed digital fitness technology to make this easy. The fully electronic abdominal trainer from eGym personalizes and periodizes your training to perfectly match your level of fitness while taking your abdominal training goal into account as you work out.

    Potential training goals for the eGym ab crunch machine

    • Strength and conditioning

    • Muscle building

    • General fitness

    • Figure training

    • Weight loss

    • Health

    Our fully automatic abdominal trainer makes it possible to use various training programs to exercise your abdominal muscles and torso as required to meet your fitness goal. No matter whether you want to boost fat burning to reduce your abdominal girth, or maximize fatigue of the abdominal muscles to cause hypertrophy, when you train on eGym’s abdominal training machine you’ll be using training methods developed by sports scientists that are proven to be effective.

    The digital ab crunch machine will generate a personalized ab training plan based on personal data such as your size, gender, performance level, training goal, and the results of an automatic measurement of your one-rep max. It’s a workout that’s completely personal to you, unlike anything any other ab training tool can offer.

    How effective is training with an ab machine?

    The abdominal muscles consist of four abdominal muscle groups, the rectus abdominus muscle, the external and internal oblique abdominal muscles, and the transverse abdominal muscle.  The desirable flat stomach is mainly the product of a properly trained rectus abdominus muscle. The eGym ab crunch trainer is the ideal tool to get this muscle in top form.

    But a flat and toned stomach isn’t just good for the beach: it’s also important for good health. This is because it helps to counteract a hollow back, which can otherwise lead to increased wear of the intervertebral discs. Abdominal muscles protect the inner organs and hold them in place. They’re also used to exert pressure in the abdomen during bowel movements or coughing, for example.

    Not all ab trainers are equal. Models such as bench presses or dip machines, where you train using your own bodyweight, often cause difficulties for beginners, people who are overweight, or older people – in all cases due to a lack of strength or limited mobility. Over time, ab rollers can also put excess pressure on your knees. It’s also the case with conventional ab training apparatus that you’ll eventually get to the point that you’ll only be able to make progress with longer and longer workouts.

    Everyone is able to get the most out of every workout when using the fully electronic abdominal crunch machine from eGym. Its guided movements make training especially simple and safe. The machine’s automatic periodization function is particularly handy. Carefully coordinated training phases ensure that you make continuous progress with minimal effort.

    The maximum training weight for our abdominal machine is 100 kg. The training resistance is adjusted using an electric motor rather than traditional weight blocks, meaning the weight can be precisely adjusted to match your strength.

    Proper exercise technique when using the ab machine

    When using our gym equipment to build abdominal strength, the weight is moved via a padded roller in a crunch movement. Sophisticated biomechanics and ergonomic design ensure proper execution of every crunch on the eGym abdominal crunch trainer.

    It is vital to select the right training weight to achieve your natural optimum performance when working on your abs. Using too high a weight on abdominal training machines will often lead to compensatory movements to generate additional force through your arms, chest and legs. Too low a weight, on the other hand, will reduce the effectiveness of your workout. That is why the eGym ab crunch machine has a feature to automatically determine the right weight for you based on your individual abdominal muscle strength.

    It is also vital to ensure correct positioning on the device for proper execution. The chest pad should be level with your chest. Feet must be positioned so that your thighs are approximately parallel to the floor. As with all gym equipment, a qualified trainer should initially familiarize you with the machine. For maximum convenience, our abs machine saves your settings so you can train correctly on your own every time you come.

    To get into the exercise’s proper starting position, you should first lean against the backrest with your back straight. You can join and clasp your hands together in front of the chest pad. Then you do the exercise by bending your upper body using the strength of the abdominal muscles – not your chest. That’s why you shouldn’t wedge in your feet, because this would encourage you to cheat using your hip flexors.

    The optimal movement amplitude and speed for your execution of the exercise will depend on your personal fitness goal. The eGym ab trainer will guide you through this via the display as you perform the exercise through the eGym curve on screen.


    eGym abdominal training – digital controls for optimal training results

    The eGym abdominal trainer optimizes your abdominal muscle training using state-of-the-art software. All the most important training principles to help you achieve your best ever training results are automatically applied.

    Digital controls are a fundamental part of every aspect of successful training with eGym – from training planning to adjusting training parameters during the exercise to evaluation of your performance. This ensures effective ab training so you’ll get that slim and perfectly toned stomach you desire sooner rather than later.

    Try out the eGym digital abdominal trainer in a gym near you and train your abs more effectively than ever before.

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