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Butterfly machine

  • Fully electronic butterfly machine
  • Effective chest training
  • Ideal for training the pecs
  • Important for posture
  • Maximum training weight: 100 kg

    Specifications EU

    • Depth

      1620 mm

    • Weight

      255 kg

    • Width

      1663 mm

    • Max. power consumption

      8 A

    • Height

      1538 mm

    • Power supply

      230V / 50Hz

    Specifications US

    • Depth

      5’ 2”

    • Weight

      563 lbs

    • Width

      5’ 4”

    • Max. power consumption

      15 A

    • Height

      4’ 11”

    • Power supply

      115 V / 60 Hz

    The high-performance butterfly machine for effective pec training

    Training on the butterfly is extremely popular in gyms and fitness studios. Aside from the upper arms, many bodybuilders like to train their chest muscles. The butterfly machine, also referred to as a pec fly machine or pec deck, is one of the most effective strength training machines for targeted training of the pecs and chest.

    The relatively fast muscle growth means results are soon visible, revealing an impressive chest that’s a vital part of any sculpted and muscular physique. It’s not just men who like the butterfly machine – it’s a great workout for women, too. The butterfly helps to tone the chest muscles and naturally lift the breasts. The eGym Butterfly machine makes pec training even more effective.

    Pectoral muscles
    Primary muscles
    Anterior arm muscles
    Secondary muscles

    Butterfly machine: Key muscles for healthy posture

    The butterfly machine primarily trains your chest muscles. The pectoral muscles (pectoralis major and pectoral minor, referred to as the pecs) bring the arms together in front of the body. In contrast to other pec and chest exercises such as push-ups, the eGym butterfly machine trains the chest muscles across the full range of motion. On the butterfly, your pecs still have to be fully engaged at the endpoint. This means the inner areas of the chest in particular are more effectively trained. Well-developed chest muscles are essential for stabilization and the overall health of the shoulder joint.

    Healthy muscle balance

    Butterfly machine



    Reverse fly machine




    The ratio muscle balance shown – also sometimes referred to as the agonist/antagonist ratio of muscular strength – shows the average maximum strength of agonist and antagonist muscles in a healthy 25-year-old eGym user.

    Digital fitness technology for a stronger chest and bigger pecs

    The eGym butterfly machine allows you to train much more intensively compared to conventional butterfly machines. If you want to achieve successful results in the shortest time possible, this piece of state-of-the-art training equipment is perfect for you.

    Our fully automatic butterfly has a range of different training programs to help you achieve your fitness goal faster. For example, there’s a personalized training program that will help you to build stronger chest muscles, pushing you to the limit of your strength to stimulate maximum muscle growth. The butterfly machine automatically adjusts to your varying levels of strength at different points of movement.

    Possible training goals for the eGym butterfly machine

    • Athletics

    • Muscle building

    • General fitness

    • Body toning

    • Weight loss

    • Health

    The eGym butterfly machine is equipped with dedicated software that enables you to select different training goals. You simply choose the appropriate training program that aligns with what you want to achieve with your chest muscle training – the machine will automatically adjust the exercise accordingly. Different programs are required because you’ll need to train slightly differently if your aim is to firm the chest area, for example, rather than build muscle mass.

    The eGym butterfly allows you to train every target group of muscles in the way that’s most effective and healthy, based on sports science.

    How effective is training on a pec deck machine?

    Butterfly training should be considered for every training goal in your training plan – whether your aim is to build muscle or add definition. This machine gives your upper body an attractive, athletic shape while also contributing to healthy posture.

    A butterfly machine allows you to give your muscles a more isolated workout than when you use a bench press, for example. As an isolation exercise, the butterfly provides optimal stimulation of the chest muscles. It trains more than just the pecs, though – it engages the anterior shoulder muscles and anterior arm muscles. Training is particularly effective when it integrates a pressure-based exercise, which makes the eGym pec deck ideal.

    The butterfly machine allows a maximum training weight of 100 kg. This allows strong muscle stimulation, meaning the eGym butterfly machine can also be used in professional bodybuilding to achieve a larger and stronger chest.

    The efficiency of this workout makes the butterfly machine especially beneficial. The sequence of movements is easy to learn and perform. This makes chest and pec training easier compared to alternative exercises, such as dumbbells flys or cable crossovers. Our fully electronic butterfly allows even beginners and recreational athletes to achieve impressive results with minimal difficulty.

    Proper exercise technique when using the butterfly machine

    Even though the pec fly is a comparatively easy exercise, you’ll still often observe mistakes in the gym. That is why we have developed digital fitness equipment that eliminates the typical causes of these mistakes.

    eGym machines can automatically determine the correct weight to ensure exercises can be performed correctly. Other settings aside from the weight can also lead to incorrect execution, such as the basic machine settings. The eGym butterfly machine only needs to be set up once; after that, it’ll automatically adjust the sitting position so it’s right for you every time you work out.

    On the butterfly or pec deck, you should lean against the backrest with your back straight. Be sure to hold the machine’s handles at a level between your chest and shoulders. It is important that the elbows are kept slightly flexed so that the joints are always actively stabilized by the muscles.

    If you have shoulder problems, you should hold the butterfly machine’s handles at the lower end to shift the load more to the chest muscles.


    eGym pec fly training – digital controls for optimal training results

    The eGym butterfly machine is a fully electronic exercise machine, designed with digital training controls to help you get the most out of your training.

    This sophisticated strength machine has different training modes to increase the efficiency of your workout. Different training methods are used depending on your training goal. This might include isokinetic training, for example, which has a demonstrably higher training effect than conventional strength training. The integrated training methods have been developed by applying evidence-based sports science research.

    Try out the eGym butterfly machine now at a gym near you. Start enjoying digital features that were previously only available on special machines found in exclusive hardcore gyms. eGym means you can now integrate state-of-the-art strength training equipment into your workouts, too.

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