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eGym ONE

    eGym is digitalizing the training zone – with eGym ONE

    A solution for all areas: eGym ONE is your open training platform for smart gyms.

    Digitalization is fundamentally and permanently transforming the health sector and fitness industry. Smart connections across the entire training area – by connecting hardware and software solutions and adding centralized member and training data management – we are creating completely new business opportunities and competitive advantages.

    The connected training area offers enormous benefits for all involved – gym owners and operators, personal trainers, and gym-users alike.

    For a long time, there were a plethora of sophisticated and yet completely isolated solutions, because there was no standardized software platform to connect and combine all devices. As innovative pioneers in our industry, we have developed eGym ONE – software-based technology that enables complete digital connectivity across the entire fitness studio. Everything from gym equipment to fitness trackers, apps, and management software can be connected via eGym ONE.

    Open to everyone: The eGym ONE open-cloud platform

    Our goal is to give the fitness and health market – one of the most dynamic growth markets there is – an additional boost in the form of eGym ONE.

    eGym is not competing with other manufacturers. Instead, it is providing eGym ONE to support third parties in making their existing products even better through software support and connectivity with other devices.

    As the name suggests, the eGym ONE open cloud platform is ‘open’, just like Google’s Android operating system. Everyone in the fitness sector can get on board!

    eGym provides its partners with its technical infrastructure so that they can integrate their devices into eGym ONE at any level they desire, no matter whether it’s a cardio machine, body analyzer, or something else. We really want everything to be connected!

    Advantages of the fully connected training area

    The eGym ONE open cloud platform offers clear advantages for all participants at every stage, from simplified logins to complete tracking of all activities in the training area.

    Advantages for members

    Gym members can be quickly overwhelmed by all the data spat out by various systems at the gym. Cross-provider tracking makes all health and training data immediately available to you – even after you’ve left the gym! This makes your complete training progress transparent and easy to follow. Thanks to the intelligent software, everyone is automatically prescribed training routines that are perfectly tailored to their preferences and current fitness level. After a one-time registration, members can use the eGym RFID chip to train successfully and with maximum motivation on the full range of gym equipment.

    Advantages for personal trainers

    Without a standardized solution, trainers lose a lot of time with redundant tasks with little to no added value. Without smart support tools, they don’t have access to relevant – let alone comprehensive – information on members. eGym ONE saves trainers valuable time that they can dedicate to customers. More than that, it ensures that they have access to all relevant member data at all times, ensuring they can speak to every member at the right time and adapt their training to their goals and current progress. eGym makes the trainer’s work simpler, more efficient, and more personal.

    Advantages for gym owners and operators

    eGym ONE standardizes and strengthens all support chains and procedures in the gym with state-of-the-art software and processes. This means more customers can be served more effectively and efficiently. This in turn increases profitability and reduces the drop-out rate. Utilization of gym equipment is also optimized. eGym ONE even generates new target groups, including customers for whom training used to seem too complicated or not sufficiently promising in terms of expected results. The connected gym brings in more members and makes it easier to establish long-lasting customer loyalty. Take a look at this page for more details: Good reasons ---LINK!!!---.

    Our connected training area demonstrates that our vision of a modern gym that works for everyone is becoming a reality. Members are able to consistently follow their precise training plan, making it much easier for them to achieve their training goals. This is fun, motivating, and keeps people going to the gym for a long time to come!

    How the completely connected, cross-provider training floor works

    The member logs into all connected equipment in the training area using their eGym account.

    All gym equipment automatically adjusts to the member’s requirements based on their physical condition and fitness level, so the member can start their perfectly tuned workout session. This ensures that the member is always training at the right intensity.

    The trainer can generate training plans for the member using the eGym Trainer App, based on the real training data provided by various training machines, body analyzers, and wearable devices, which can all be accessed from one location. The member is awarded eGym points in the eGym Fitness App for all completed exercises and is motivated to continue training to increase their level in the activity level system.

    Perfectly tuned: eGym ONE and eGym apps

    Extensive possibilities. Intuitive interfaces. Unbeatable benefits.

    We have developed two apps to help you harness the full advantages of the eGym ONE connected training area. These apps allow you to make practical use of the wealth of data available. This user-friendly solution brings the benefits of digitalization to everyone, every day.

    Members can use the dedicated eGym Fitness App. This provides a full overview of your entire training. Progress is immediately visible via your tracked data. This app enables valuable training analysis and plays a big role in long-term motivation.

    Studio operators and trainers can use the eGym Trainer App to provide their members with an unprecedented level of support. It simplifies routine activities such as referring back to a member’s case history and training plans, turning the trainer into an all-round fitness coach, able to give targeted advice inside the gym and beyond.

    eGym apps

    eGym SmartStart makes cardio machines smarter

    Bye, bye quick start. The eGym SmartStart button for cardio machines demonstrates the limitless potential of eGym ONE.

    eGym SmartStart is an up-to-the-minute combination of eGym’s software expertise with the extensive hardware expertise of eGym’s partner companies. Until now, an average of 84% of people training on cardio machines simply press ‘Quick start’ to start their workout and just get on with it – without a conscious plan, exercising roughly based on their own judgement of what seems appropriate. As a result, long-lasting training success almost inevitably remains a dream unlikely to materialize.

    The eGym SmartStart button for cardio machines has forever changed this: This innovative feature for all connected cardio machines from eGym’s partner companies has made the start button smart! eGym SmartStart replaces the quick-start button and automatically adjusts the equipment to exactly the right settings for the user’s requirements. To do this properly, eGym SmartStart measures the user’s endurance via regular interval endurance tests and then calculates a personalized cardio program. For more effective endurance training at the touch of a button.

    eGym ONE partners – In great company with eGym ONE

    Leading fitness equipment manufacturers and top-class fitness software providers trust our expertise in digitalizing the training experience and the potential of eGym ONE.

    Our partner network currently consists of around 70 fitness brands and companies who are collaborating with eGym. We are continuing to develop new interfaces to support additional equipment and software solutions. It is only a matter of time before the entire gym is digital and connected.

    Thanks to eGym ONE and our partners, the following areas can already be connected:

    Cardio machines

    The customer logs into all connected cardio machines using their eGym account and their entire workout is automatically logged.

    Partner apps, wearables, and gadgets

    All training data generated by members – whether in the gym or beyond – is recorded and taken into account when planning that person’s training.

    Body analyzer

    The data provided by connected body analyzers support the development and improvement of member profiles and training plans stored in the Trainer App.

    Gym software

    Interfaces with gym software means all member profiles are automatically copied to the eGym Trainer App for efficient customer relationship management.

    eGym Partners: Gym Equipment

    eGym Partners: Apps, Wearables, and Gadgets

    eGym Partners: Gym Software

    We are continually adding new partners to the eGym ONE network.

    Have you heard of fle-xx?

    Entering the new era of mobility training: fle-xx is an innovative exercise concept for greater mobility and freedom from pain.

    Back pain is a common ailment that can often be attributed to a lack of exercise and poor posture. Uneven stress on muscles in everyday life can lead to shortened muscles. The consequences are pain felt in the back and joints.

    The fle-xx concept is based around training circuits performed using special equipment, incorporating systematic exercises to increase flexibility and mobility. fle-xx training on this equipment provides targeted training and strengthening of shortened muscles along their entire length, which helps to correct even deep-seated postural problems.

    The software-controlled devices in the efle-xx series with motors, automatic device settings, and app control are connected to eGym ONE, making mobility training smart and trackable.

    fle-xx is part of the eGym Group with a unique range of products that will help you to reach and impress completely new target groups. Find out more today!