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Good reasons to choose eGym

    Grow your business with eGym

    The health and fitness industry is booming. That also means the fitness sector is becoming increasingly competitive. The result is that gyms and health facilities need the latest and most innovative solutions to stay ahead.

    The modern integrated eGym concept consists of a range of fully electronic gym equipment, fitness apps, and the eGym ONE open cloud system – creating a connected framework of fitness equipment and software for gym and member management. These solutions are designed to make your gym, fitness center, or physical therapy practice more profitable and efficient for you, while making the services you provide more attractive and more effective for your clients.

    The future of fitness is digital. eGym is preparing your business for the future.

    eGym will be your strong partner, always at your side and helping you secure clear competitive advantages while making your work easier. We’ll also provide you with valuable acquisition and marketing tools to help your business grow. To invest in eGym’s innovative solutions is to create solid foundations for your long-lasting business success: more clients, higher revenue, more profit! We will support you in all areas. Read on to learn more about why eGym is a great choice for you and your business.

    High ROI through profitability and productivity gains

    Competitive services, satisfied customers, efficient staff workflows – there are many factors you can adjust to optimize your success.

    The exclusive eGym concept is your chance to control all key factors using one solution and to make your system more productive and profitable. eGym attracts new customers to your studio, optimizes the time members spend there, improves the flow through the facility and the capacity utilization of the training area, raises the efficiency and quality of support provided by staff, increases revenue generated per hour worked by each employee – and more besides.

    Optimum capacity utilization

    Our software-controlled fitness machines with automatic device adjustment and periodization with a preset training duration reduce the time members spend on individual machines. When doing eGym circuit training, all devices are perfectly coordinated to ensure that switching takes place with perfect timing. This ensures better utilization of exercise equipment with higher throughput and optimal overall capacity utilization.

    Higher space efficiency

    The exclusive eGym system is designed for efficient use of space in the training area: eGym’s fully electronic strength training machines require little space in the gym. According to an evaluation of currently available data, choosing to set up eGym equipment as a training circuit results in an average space saving of approx. 5%. The circuit arrangement also allows trainers and employees to supervise multiple members at the same time.

    Higher staff efficiency

    Automated processes and software solutions support your employees, making their work easier. Features such as automatic measurement of maximum strength and fully automatic periodization, autostart, and precisely timed circuit training can halve the time it takes to familiarize customers with machines and save valuable time for your trainers. Support via the Trainer and Fitness apps, digitalization of case histories and training plans, and an intuitive customer management system simplify work processes and increase the quality of client support.

    Lower dropout rate and client turnover

    eGym Training is both fun and effective. Trainees increase their maximum strength by around 10% in the first month. This reduces turnover among existing customers. Members who train on eGym training machines have been shown to have a lower dropout rate compared to members who do not train on eGym equipment, especially during the first 10 weeks, and contracts that are on average 33 days longer than those of members who do not train using eGym equipment. The analysis tools --LINK!!!-- available in our apps play a significant role here.

    More new customers

    The unique selling points of eGym machines and the digitization of the training area increase the attractiveness of your gym, studio, or clinic. These numerous advantages make it easier to win new customers. By increasing the efficiency of your employees, they can engage better with potential customers and get walk-in customers excited about eGym with features such as maximum strength testing and immediate assessment of muscle imbalances in just a few minutes.

    Higher revenue per customer

    eGym’s exceptional technology meets the highest customer expectations, which is why experience has shown that members are willing to pay higher average membership fees. At the same time, there are a number of interesting monetization options for gyms in the form of higher fees for all or for new members. It’s also possible to charge an instruction fee to help people get the most out of eGym training equipment or integrating eGym as an optional extra available for a supplementary fee, accessible in a special training area.

    A training area that works for all target groups

    We make the gym work for everyone. eGym enables you to exploit the enormous growth potential of the health and fitness industry in the best possible way – with a solution that works for everyone.

    Our high-tech fitness concept is designed to support long-term customer retention and win new target groups for your business. Our unique fitness equipment and individualized training concept are suitable for all target groups – regardless of training motivation, physical condition, or fitness level.

    The entire eGym training methodology is based in sports science and is supported by studies and scientific sources. You are offering your customers the perfect training, as verified by sports science.

    Professional gym equipment

    Our range of digital gym equipment boasts state-of-the-art technology, ergonomic design and intuitive training software. With outstanding technical features such as automatic strength measurement to determine the optimal training weight, automatic periodization and automatic machine adjustment for safe strength training, eGym machines offer your customers significant added value compared to conventional exercise machines.

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    Perfect training

    With eGym, your customers are training based on the latest findings from the world of sports science. There are automatically periodized training programs for all important training goals, such as muscle building, weight reduction, or rehabilitation. Ultra-modern training methods, tailor-made training plans, and professional training analysis enable more differentiated, effective and target-group-specific training. This creates enormous potential for individualized marketing.

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    Wide range of applications

    Various software means our digital strength machines can be used differently to meet specific needs. One example is circuit training, in which all machines are precisely synchronized with each other. On the other hand, specially developed software also means the equipment can easily be used on an individual basis, specifically addressing the demands of very experienced gym-users who train independently. This can also be integrated into the specially developed HISA concept (high-intensity supervised area).

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    A new era for gyms: The fully connected training floor

    eGym is synonymous with the digitalization of fitness studios like no other provider in this space. Our vision is of a fully connected training area that integrates all equipment and devices and works perfectly for everyone.

    The leading eGym ONE open-cloud platform brings the connected training area to your studio. Once set up and registered with an eGym chip, the entire training area becomes smart. Our open software platform allows third parties to completely connect to our technology.

    This enables tracking of up to 100 percent of what goes on in the training area as well as relevant fitness data from outside the gym – enabling optimal monitoring of all training and outstanding customer support. Numerous well-known fitness equipment manufacturers, wearables manufacturers, and software providers have already partnered with us.

    eGym ONE

    Never stop growing

    Our software-supported solutions mean your technology is always up-to-date and you are always able to address new target groups with personalized training. This means your unique investment in our high-quality eGym technology will ensure the long-term success of your business for many years to come.

    Regular, automatic and free software updates keep eGym exercise equipment and services continually up to date with the latest sports science research, ensuring optimal adaptation to the needs of your members.

    The continuous improvement and expansion of the software constantly creates new training experiences, e.g. through design updates or further gamification elements. This makes it easier for you to retain customers.

    New target-group-specific training programs, such as the latest Metabolic Fit program developed specially for people with diabetes, enable you to reach new target groups and win new customers.

    In short: eGym will ensure you never stop growing.

    We have restructured our training area as a result of our collaboration with eGym, changing and ultimately optimizing established processes. Our main objectives were to strengthen customer loyalty among existing members and to boost general growth as part of the next step. The new concept was very well received by our members. As is well known, the time factor is often one of the main reasons people terminate their gym membership. With eGym circuit training, we are precisely addressing this key point, because we are offering our members a solution that allows them to train very efficiently in significantly less time. Many members have extended their contracts and we have adjusted membership fees accordingly. Our members were so enthusiastic about the new eGym circuit training solution that they also shared their experiences with their friends, which in turn led to an enormous influx of new customers.

    Business support: We’re available to help whenever and however you need

    As an all-round business partner, eGym also provides software to support key operations and work processes within gyms, fitness studios, and physical therapy (UK: physiotherapy) clinics. We provide the full infrastructure to start adding digital value.

    No matter whether you want to open a new gym or expand, rebuild, or reposition an existing one – we will advise and support you in all areas, if you want to equip and market your gym or practice with eGym training equipment. Our services include:

    • assistance with financing

    • detailed analysis of potential

    • in-person product training

    • personalized training area concepts

    • marketing consulting

    • exclusive promotional materials

    • data protection and privacy advice

    • ongoing support

    • free and automatic updates

    A team of experts and innovators

    The people behind eGym are experts from various fields, including the fitness sector, healthcare, sports science, and technology, creating an amazing team with unbeatable experience.

    When you invest in eGym, you are enhancing your business model with our extensive experience for even greater success in the sports and health sector.

    Our team includes sports scientists who work closely with research institutes and universities. We combine this research data with findings from the eGym training data generated by users and continuously utilize this knowledge for further developments and improvements. This is how we ensure all our training programs and methods are scientifically based and always in line with the latest findings.

    Our concept consultants are specialists with many years of experience in the fitness and health sector, as well as the successful integration of intelligent and efficient systems into various facilities. This enables us to provide you with expert advice on matters such as the optimal setup for your facility, improving work processes, or unlocking additional revenue potential.

    eGym for physical therapists

    Do you run a physical therapy clinic or physiotherapy practice? Or perhaps a rehabilitation center? Then use our concept to develop a successful line of services for self-paying users.

    Options for recovery and long-term physical health do not end when the prescribed hours of treatment are over. Our intelligent solutions for your practice allow you to offer your patients optimum support throughout the recovery process and gain independence from health insurance companies, doctors, and restrictive national healthcare systems while generating additional revenue for you.

    eGym offers a unique selling point in the physical therapy and rehabilitation market: The sustainable, efficient, and personalized training offerings help you to stand out from the competition with their traditional circuit training – and those without any circuit training at all. This will also create a lasting connection between you and your patients, keeping them coming back long after their initial treatment.

    eGym closes the gap between physical therapy and health-focused training, opening the door to success in the private healthcare market.

    Rehabilitation and fitness training in physical or sports therapy practices is an attractive alternative to visiting traditional fitness studios. Our special training programs are the ideal way to engage clients both during or after physical therapy or rehabilitation. We have also developed our target-group-specific Rehab Fit training program to meet the special training requirements of people returning to fitness and sports after an injury and patients with orthopedic restrictions.

    eGym allows us to offer our patients a much wider range of training courses than other physical therapy clinics in the area, which sets us apart from the rest. There is a wide range of different training methods available, so eGym always supports the right method for building muscle strength, depending on the patient’s clinical picture. We’ve been gaining an average of one new 12-month contract every day. Word of eGym’s circuit training has got around.